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Health Savings Accounts

Take control of your health care costs! A Health Savings Account (HSA) from Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union can be used to pay your current medical expenses and even save for the future.

HSAs are designed to help eligible individuals with a High Deductible Health Plan save for qualified medical expenses on a tax advantaged basis. You save by making contributions that are either pre-tax or tax deductible. Plus, all interest accrued is tax free and all funds used to pay for qualified medical expenses are not subject to taxes.

With HSAs you’re in control! It’s your own personal account run solely by yourself. It’s not controlled by your employer, and since the account is yours, it follows you wherever you may go. This means that if you change jobs, become unemployed or even change coverage; you’ll still keep the money you have saved. Plus, HSAs aren’t a “use it or lose it” benefit – the funds roll over from year to year and continue to earn interest tax free.

Take advantage of the benefits HSAs have to offer, contact us today!

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