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Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union has partnered with Edmit out of a shared mission to help families make smarter financial decisions around college.

As partners, we're committed to helping you and  your members find responsible solutions for high education financing. It all starts with our online, cobranded platform that provides personalized insight to determine what colleges really cost and which are worth it.

What We Provide

  • 30-minute phone consult with an advisor. Edmit’s professional guidance gives you peace of mind that you’re making the best decisions when it comes to paying for college.
  • Personalized college reports and recommendations. Find the best reach and safety schools for your budget. Understand the value of different colleges, including by specific majors.
  • Personalized merit and financial aid estimates. Personalized strategy to get more merit and financial aid overall. We’re with you every step of the way.
  • Comprehensive college cost comparison tool. Get a 100% personalized college payment plan and preview different monthly budgets to get you there.

The average Edmit family saves $5k in college cost!

Getting Started

It only takes a few simple steps to get started with Edmit.

  1. To learn more or get started, visit our partnership page at
  2. Once on this page click “Get Started” on the partnership page.
  3. From there, you will answer some questions to build out your profile - this gives us the information we need to deliver personalized college insights.

After completing your profile, you will have access to Edmit’s online platform featuring AAACU’s branding.