Routing #272476433


Welcome to AAACU

We are excited to have you become a part of Alpena Alcona Area CU! We are committed to working with you to make this change as seamless as possible.

AAACU uses the same data processing system as Calcite Credit Union. Therefore, you will notice that statements, e-statements, teller receipts, checks, online banking, and the mobile app will be similar in appearance. We are also excited to continue having the same friendly faces you are familiar with remain at our new branches.

While we understand that this merger may be stressful when managing your accounts, AAACU is dedicated to communicating these changes to you. To learn about all that we have to offer, explore our full website.

Thank you for trusting us to help you reach your financial goals, as we will always work to exceed your expectations. We look forward to showing you what makes us, BETTER TOGETHER.


Account Number & Suffix

Your account number will convert to a 9-digit number beginning with 1. This means you will add a “1” and then enough zeros to your existing account number to create a 9-digit number. Examples are listed in the chart below.

CCU Account Number

AAACU Account Number







Your account suffixes will also change to match AAACU’s post-merger. All automatic transfers set up with your Calcite CU accounts will continue to post as scheduled; you will not need to reconfigure your account information. Main account suffixes are listed in the table below.

Account Name


Regular Shares


Preferred Shares (Side Savings)


Money Market (Special Savings)




Checking Accounts

The Alpena Alcona Area CU routing number is 272476433. You may continue to use your supply of Calcite CU checks after the merger is complete.

Direct Deposits & Automatic Payments

Existing ACH transactions will continue as established after the merger. Starting on Saturday, March 18, 2023, any NEW direct deposits or automatic payments will need to use the AAACU routing number and your new account number as described above.

Online Banking & Mobile App

After, Sunday, March 19, you will need to navigate to AAACU’s It’sMe247 login screen or download the AAACU mobile app to log into your account. Links to both these resources are located above under “Resources”. Members can click the ‘First Time User’ button in OLB to enroll via self-service or contact the credit union to have your OLB password manually reset. The ‘First Time User’ (self-service) feature requires members to have a valid phone number to text and/or an email already registered on their account.

ATM Cards

Calcite CU members will be mailed a new ATM card on March 20, 2023. If you do not receive your ATM card and PIN number in the mail within 14 days, please contact us.

Debit & Credit Cards

Your current debit or credit card will continue to work until its expiration date at which a new card will be reissued. At that time, you will be reissued an AAACU debit or credit card. For members who participate in ScoreCard Rewards®, your points will continue to accumulate without any interruption.

Bill Pay

All of your existing payments will continue to function as scheduled prior to the merger.


Rest assured that the rates and terms of any loans that were originally opened with Calcite CU will not be affected. You can continue to make your monthly payments as you always have.