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Featured Rates

Featured Rates
Effective Date: Tuesday, September 26th, 2017
Loan TypeAPR*Term
Mortgage Loan 2.999% 10 Years
Auto Loans 2.950% 72 Months
My $ Loan 5.950% 48 Months
My $ Loan 7.950% 60 Months
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate; rates may vary depending on each individual’s credit history and underwriting factors.

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Equifax Breach - What you should do now!

  • Start monitoring your credit reports for unusual/unauthorized activities. -For a free credit report, you can visit
  • If you don’t need a loan in the near future, you can lock your report. If you do, lock it at all three bureaus (Equifax, Transunion, and Experian). This will prevent loans being taken out in your name. You can do this for free by calling each bureau.   ​​​
  • Equifax - 1-800-685-111, Experian - 1-888-397-3742, TransUnion - 1-800-888-4213
  • If you’re worried, you can put a fraud alert on your records at the bureaus. This is good for 90 days, and is free. Again, will make getting a loan harder during the 90 days.
  • Equifax has a web page where you can type in your information and they’ll tell you if they think your info was affected in the breach. Further, they are offering free credit monitoring as part of their response to the breach. Read the fine print and understand what you are giving up before you sign up for this service. By signing up you waive rights, such as the ability to participate in class action lawsuits (which have already been filed).
  • Be extra suspicious of unsolicited emails. Spammers and scammers will create new and interesting scams around this information and will be able to have extremely targeted and personalized campaigns. Turn a suspicious eye towards your inbox and don’t fall for scams. If in doubt THROW IT OUT!


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