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Board of Directors

Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union is managed and governed by people who live in our service area – you, our member-owners! Credit union’s are not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperatives. They exist because of one common, cooperative desire of its member-owners…to help themselves by helping others. And, because of that, you elect our volunteer Board of Directors who ensure the needs of the credit union and its member-owners are being met.

At AAACU, seven member-owners serve on the Board of Directors, each elected for a three-year term. Our board meets monthly to review credit union operations, establish policy and set direction with one mission in mind, “To be your most trusted and valued financial partner for life.

Meet our volunteer, BOARD OF DIRECTORS – appointed by our member-owners, elected by our member-owners to service our member-owners.

Charlie Negro Chairman of the Board Board Member since 1986
Charlie Negro
Chairperson of the Board
Board Member since 1986
Sheila Panknin Board Member since 1995
Sheila Panknin
Vice-Chairperson of the Board
Board Member since 1995
Brian Shumaker Board Member since 2014
Brian Shumaker
Secretary of the Board
Board Member since 2014
Terry Nelkie Treasurer of the Board Board Member since 2000
Terry Nelkie
Treasurer of the Board
Board Member since 2000
Board Member Michelle Cornish
Michelle Cornish
Board Member since 2018
Board Member James McNeil
James McNeil
Board Member since 2018
Ann Martin photo
Ann Martin
Board Member since 2020
white women with brown hair standing in front of trees
Anne Wirgau
Board Member since 1997

Scott McLennan. Board Member 1999 to 2010 and 2017 to present.  


Scott McLennan
Board Member 1999 - 2010  and 2017 - present







Associate Directors

In addition to our Board of Directors AAACU currently has two volunteer associate directors serving one-year terms. Our Associate Directors role is to ensure the continuity of practices, procedures, and policies, and to provide a succession plan to fill open Board Member seats.

Mark Devers Associate Board Member Mark Devers
Associate Director since 2017
James Gorman Associate Board Member James Gorman
Associate Director since 2018

Five volunteers also serve on the Supervisory Committee, each appointed annually by our member-elected Board of Directors. Our Supervisory Committee is the audit committee, ensuring the credit union’s financial records are in order and internal controls are in place to protect the assets of the credit union and our member-owners.

Two volunteers and Five employees serve as members of our Credit Committee, each appointed annually by our member-elected Board of Directors. Our Credit Committee oversees the credit union’s lending program, ensuring a safe, sound, fair and responsive credit system for you, our member-owners.

Our board and committee members serve on a voluntary basis. They support AAACU’s ideas, goals, and aspirations and believe wholeheartedly in the “not-for-profit, not for charity, but for service” philosophy for which credit union's are based. They are truly “people helping people” and committed to upholding the credit union’s principles and acting in the best interests of Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union members. After all, they are member-owners too!

How do you become a volunteer? Simply call (800) 443-3577 or (989) 356-3577 and ask for the President/CEO, Donald Mills or complete our volunteer application form and return it to the credit union.

For those wishing to become a member of our Board of Directors, you will need to file a nomination petition when asked to do so (between October and November each year). A Nominating Committee is appointed each year by our board to review the list of nominees. The Nominating Committee then selects the individual(s) who possess the skills and experience necessary for the position.