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Skip A Pay
You can apply for a skip a pay by logging into online banking with a processing fee of $25.00 or complete the form below and a team member can assist you with completing the skip a pay for a $35.00 fee.
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A $35.00 skip a pay application fee applies for each loan payment skipped

Only two non-consecutive skip a pays per loan per calendar year. A loan is not eligible if it has been delinquent within the past six months. Skip a pays do not apply to mortgage, home equity, vacant land or better choice loans. Credit cards are also not eligible for this skip a pay offering. Other restrictions may apply.

If your payment is set up through auto transfer or bill pay, please be sure to temporarily stop this service.

Skipping your loan payment will extend the maturity date of your loan, and will also change the amount of eligible benefits in the case of a GAP claim. Interest will continue to accrue on the unpaid balance during the month you skip your loan payment and, when payment resumes, interest will be collected first. Submission of this request constitutes your request to skip your loan payment.

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