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Job Openings: Recovery & Resolutions Assistant

Location of Position:Location to be Determined
Salary:Based upon experience
Hours:40 hours per week


A Recovery Resolutions Assistant works to achieve the credit union's mission and member promise statements by preserving credit union assets and financial counseling and coaching of members.

Work with the credit union’s legal counsel, small claims, district and bankruptcy courts, repossession agencies, etc. to mitigate credit union losses. Participate and/or testify in legal proceedings as deemed necessary and required for all applicable collection accounts, preparing all necessary documentation and communications for timely, proper, and professional credit union representation.

Assist in the recovery and collection of charged-off debt in compliance with established federal and state rules and regulations and credit union policies and procedures for delinquent accounts. Recover monies otherwise deemed uncollectable either due to delinquency date, collateral value or borrower’s ability to pay. Post payments on charge off accounts.

Maintain accurate, complete, and up to date collections files and records, identifying and informing management of potential loan underwriting or collection issues.

Provide informed and accurate service and support to all members, employees, and third-party vendors and associates by responding to messages, correspondence, or other communications in a timely and professional manner.

Actively advise members and/or employees on financial wellness strategies and collection processes to achieve or exceed 100% of established individual, department, and credit union strategic performance goals.

Commitment to ongoing professional development and staying current with credit union policies, procedures, and collection activity trends and best practices including associated government rules and regulations.


Work involves much personal contact with others inside and/or outside the organization for the purpose of first-level conflict resolution, building relationships, and soliciting cooperation. Discussions involve a higher degree of confidentiality and discretion, requiring diplomacy and tact in communication.

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